Care & Maintenance

A little bit of soap and warm water on a toothbrush is a great way to clean up your ring. Or any jeweler can quickly clean up your ring with an ultrasonic cleaner. If you’d like to touch up the matte or shiny finish on your jewelry, please email me for specific instructions on how to do so. Sterling silver jewelry is likely to tarnish over time. to slow this process, keep your jewelry in an airtight baggie when not being worn.

Always treat your jewelry with ease if you want it to last a lifetime. I recommend taking rings off when using harsh chemicals, operating heavy machinery gardening or cleaning to avoid damage. I also recommend taking your rings off when swimming in the ocean or any other cold body of water to prevent loss.

Caring for Silver Jewelry

Silver is a soft metal that will scratch and ding easily. Engraving will wear away faster on silver rings, and it will tarnish over time without proper care. I am not responsible for daily wear and tear on your ring, but I am open to refreshing engravings over time for an additional cost.

Caring for Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is prone to scratches, dings and general wear and tare over time. But if taken care of properly will last for generations.