Ring Size Guide

Finding the perfect ring size can be tricky, but it’s important to have the right size when placing an order to avoid unnecessary shipping costs and wait times. Not all Blue Blue Driver rings are able to be resized. But for the ones that are, we offer one complementary resizing within one size up or down. (Within the US only)

We always recommend popping into your local jeweler to get your ring size measured. Make sure you describe the ring you’re getting to the jeweler, so they can recommend the perfect fit. Ideally, get sized by a few different jewelers at different times of the day and take the average of those sizes, as our fingers have a tendency to swell or shrink throughout the day depending on a variety of factors. If stopping into a local jeweler isn’t an option, here’s a few more things to try: 

  • Contact us to request a complementary ring sizer, it will arrive in the mail along with instructions on how to use it. (Within the US only)
  • Measure the inside diameter of an existing ring you own and fits you well, by placing it on top of a ruler and reading the measurement inside, preferably in millimeters. then email us and we will guide you to the correct ring size.
  • Measure the circumference of your finger, ideally in millimeters, by using a very thin piece of string or floss, then email us and we will guide you to the correct ring size. 
  • For international orders, you can easily convert your ring size to US standard sizing by googling “international ring size chart”